Pregnancy Classes

My pregnancy classes are designed for mums-to-be who want to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy.  The classes are specifically designed to address the changes in your body associated with pregnancy.

I taught gym classes throughout both of my pregnancies.  I’d heard lots of stories of instructors teaching the day they gave birth and I thought that would be me!  That’s not quite how it worked out…

Although general exercise helped me feel fit and strong through my pregnancy it didn’t help with my labour or into the postnatal period.  And as I developed pelvic girdle pain I found I couldn’t walk comfortably, let alone get any exercise done.

I now believe that there should be many aspects to a pregnancy class.  Instead of just standard exercises all my classes now include:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques
  • pelvic floor and core strengthening
  • pelvic stability and mobility exercises
  • rehearsal of labour positions
  • preparation for the postnatal period
  • mental preparation!

Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy

  • improved posture
  • improved pelvic floor and core strength
  • maintain healthy weight gain
  • reduced risk of water retention
  • promotes relaxation and aids sleep
  • meet other mums-to-be
  • faster postnatal recovery

Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation


Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation side stretch

This gentle exercise class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and a great way to work on

alignment as your posture changes

pelvic floor and core strength

help to ease your aches and prevent back pain

breathing and relaxation will help to ease your mind and get you rested ready for bed!



8:15pm – Christ Church, Reddish


8:30pm – Christ Church, Reddish


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Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation

I felt that being able to exercise and keep fit during pregnancy was really important in preparing my body for labour.  I also learnt a lot about getting the body into the right position for birth, which I didn't know beforehand.  The bit I enjoyed the most was going to each session and seeing the same ladies and our bumps growing together.  The classes had a really friendly atmosphere and I could work at my own pace. Coming to classes made a difference to me as I felt it helped me prepare for labour and birth.  Sarah is a brilliant instructor and has so much personal and professional experience.  I felt I could ask Sarah anything.  She also gave me home exercises to do which benefitted me during labour.  I would definitely recommend Sarah's classes and I would do them again if I have another baby!

Pregnancy Pilates
Before Sarah's classes I thought exercise and staying fit was all about sweating in a cardio session and toning using weights.  I thought if I hadn't sweated then I hadn't done anything worthwhile. However Pregnancy Pilates helped me prepare for the birth both in the exercises Sarah taught and the experiences that she has been through as a mother.  It also helped meeting other first time mums and those that had already had children.  I found the relaxation part of the class certainly helped as I was not getting much sleep at night and this was genuinely the most relaxation I had during my pregnancy!!! Since coming to the class and continuing with Postnatal Pilates I have become aware of my pelvic floor which despite years of exercise had never been taught anything about before.  I am much more aware when engaging it now and this helped particularly when getting up and about after having my c-section.


Pregnancy Pilates Fitness

Pregnancy Pilates Fitness hip mobility

This class is for particularly for those mums-to-be who are currently exercising but are unsure what exercises are safe during pregnancy

maintain fitness levels

strengthen the body for labour

keep pregnancy aches and pains at bay with stretches and releases

relaxation and breathing technique


10:00am – Heaton Mersey Methodist Church

11:00am – Heaton Mersey Methodist Church

Amy G
Pregnancy Pilates Fitness
I wasn't sure how to exercise safely in pregnancy and was using Pinterest as a guide!  I wanted to attend a class led by an instructor who knew how to push pregnant women safely. From the classes I learnt a variety of exercises that I can easily do at home too.  I've gained advice and tips about all aspects of pregnancy which has been very empowering and reassuring.  It has been lovely to meet other pregnant women too! Exercise has always been a big part of my life and with your guidance I feel I have been able to adapt my workouts to my changing body.
Carol C
Pregnancy Pilates Fitness
I was regularly exercising before getting pregnant but didn't feel comfortable continuing running/doing high impact exercise.  But at the same time I wanted to do some cardio exercise and keep toned.  Pregnancy Pilates Fitness really helped me do that. I feel so much better in myself after class!  As my pregnancy progressed I found the exercises more challenging - it was good to be able push myself a bit in a controlled environment. Some of the exercises have been really useful to address my back pain and it was great to be able to ask you questions. I definitely feel like Pilates has helped me keep my fitness up and I have some useful tools for labour as well!

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Pregnancy Pilates 3rd Trimester

Pregnancy Pilates 3rd Trimester deep squat

This class focuses on preparation for birth:

  • aligning the pelvis and encouraging baby into the best position

practising various labour positions

using breathing and relaxation techniques to help you in labour

staying strong

plus stretches and releases to help you feel more comfortable


12:00pm – Pamper Me, Stockport

Jenny S
Pregnancy Pilates 3rd Trimester
Before I started the classes I was unsure of what level of exercise was suitable during pregnancy other than walking.  This class was perfect to get me moving a bit again! From the classes I gained confidence - this has made me feel a lot more prepared and less daunted by the prospect of birth.  I've also really enjoyed getting some exercise in
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  • At what stage in my pregnancy can I start classes?

There is no stipulation on when to start my pregnancy classes.  Some people feel too nauseous and tired in the first trimester.  Others prefer to wait until after their first scan.  There are benefits to attending at whatever stage you’re at!

  • I’ve never done Pilates before, does it matter?

This is not a regular Pilates class – the focus and purpose is different.  So it won’t matter if you’ve never done it before!  I’ve had many mums-to-be who are completely new to exercise who have still loved the class and continued with it afterwards.  All the movements are done at your own pace so you won’t feel like you’re being left behind.  And you choose your own range of movement so you work to your own level.

  • What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  No need to splash out on gym gear if you don’t have it – most mums-to-be wear leggings and a T-shirt.  Layers are good, so you can stay comfortable throughout the class – whilst exercising and in the relaxation.  We exercise in bare feet so you can wear any shoes that are easy to put on/off!  Socks are fine, if they have some grip that’s even better.

  • Do I need to bring anything?

I provide mats and all the equipment necessary.  If you want to bring your own mat you can.  If you’re later on in pregnancy it can be nice to have a pillow to support your bump when lying on your side but it’s not essential.  Make sure you bring water.

  • Can I continue to exercise throughout my pregnancy?

You can attend my class for as long as you want to, providing you have no contraindications.   Many attend right up until giving birth – one was even in the early stages of labour during my class!

  • Can I just turn up to a class?

Pre-booking is essential – all classes are limited in the number of participants I allow.  I keep class size small so I can give personal attention to everyone.  It also means you get to know a great group of mums-to-be!

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