Pregnancy Fitness Classes

My pregnancy fitness classes are designed for mums-to-be who want to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy.  The classes are specifically designed to address the changes in your body associated with pregnancy. You are welcome to join at any stage of your pregnancy.

Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy Fitness Classes

  • improved posture
  • improved pelvic floor and core strength
  • maintain healthy weight gain
  • reduced risk of water retention
  • promotes relaxation and aids sleep
  • meet other mums-to-be
  • faster postnatal recovery

Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation

pregnancy pilates

This gentle exercise class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and a great way to work on posture, pelvic floor and abdominal strength.  The safe and effective exercises will help to ease your aches and minimize the postural problems associated with pregnancy, whilst the stretches and relaxation will help to ease your mind and get you rested ready for bed!  Come and meet other mums-to-be whilst getting some time to focus on you.  No previous experience necessary.

What Does The Class Involve?

Each session is an hour long. We start with standing Pilates exercise to work on posture and mobility. We move on to upper and lower body strength moves to make sure you’re ready for labour and the postnatal period! Throughout the class we do exercises that work the pelvic floor more effectively than Kegels. There are also stretches for muscles that become over-tight in pregnancy. We finish with relaxation where you’ll learn breathing techniques that can be used during labour.

I provide all the equipment necessary.

Class times:

Tuesdays, 8:15pm – Christ Church, Reddish

Thursdays, 8:30pm – Christ Church, Reddish

Saturdays, 10:00am – Heaton Mersey Methodist Church, Heaton Mersey

Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation

I felt that being able to exercise and keep fit during pregnancy was really important in preparing my body for labour.  I also learnt a lot about getting the body into the right position for birth, which I didn't know beforehand.  The bit I enjoyed the most was going to each session and seeing the same ladies and our bumps growing together.  The classes had a really friendly atmosphere and I could work at my own pace. Coming to classes made a difference to me as I felt it helped me prepare for labour and birth.  Sarah is a brilliant instructor and has so much personal and professional experience.  I felt I could ask Sarah anything.  She also gave me home exercises to do which benefitted me during labour.  I would definitely recommend Sarah's classes and I would do them again if I have another baby!

Pregnancy Pilates
Before Sarah's classes I thought exercise and staying fit was all about sweating in a cardio session and toning using weights.  I thought if I hadn't sweated then I hadn't done anything worthwhile. However Pregnancy Pilates helped me prepare for the birth both in the exercises Sarah taught and the experiences that she has been through as a mother.  It also helped meeting other first time mums and those that had already had children.  I found the relaxation part of the class certainly helped as I was not getting much sleep at night and this was genuinely the most relaxation I had during my pregnancy!!! Since coming to the class and continuing with Postnatal Pilates I have become aware of my pelvic floor which despite years of exercise had never been taught anything about before.  I am much more aware when engaging it now and this helped particularly when getting up and about after having my c-section.

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