Here’s what other happy clients are saying:

Amy G
Pregnancy Pilates Fitness
I wasn't sure how to exercise safely in pregnancy and was using Pinterest as a guide!  I wanted to attend a class led by an instructor who knew how to push pregnant women safely. From the classes I learnt a variety of exercises that I can easily do at home too.  I've gained advice and tips about all aspects of pregnancy which has been very empowering and reassuring.  It has been lovely to meet other pregnant women too! Exercise has always been a big part of my life and with your guidance I feel I have been able to adapt my workouts to my changing body.
Carol C
Pregnancy Pilates Fitness
I was regularly exercising before getting pregnant but didn't feel comfortable continuing running/doing high impact exercise.  But at the same time I wanted to do some cardio exercise and keep toned.  Pregnancy Pilates Fitness really helped me do that. I feel so much better in myself after class!  As my pregnancy progressed I found the exercises more challenging - it was good to be able push myself a bit in a controlled environment. Some of the exercises have been really useful to address my back pain and it was great to be able to ask you questions. I definitely feel like Pilates has helped me keep my fitness up and I have some useful tools for labour as well!
Jenny S
Pregnancy Pilates 3rd Trimester
Before I started the classes I was unsure of what level of exercise was suitable during pregnancy other than walking.  This class was perfect to get me moving a bit again! From the classes I gained confidence - this has made me feel a lot more prepared and less daunted by the prospect of birth.  I've also really enjoyed getting some exercise in
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I had done Pilates prior to getting pregnant and had loved it.  I started to take things easier when I got pregnant but was missing the exercise and the good post-exercise feeling. So I decided to look for gentle pregnancy-friendly exercise, particularly Pilates, to keep me feeling well and mobile as I got bigger. I enjoyed the classes because I felt well stretched out and relaxed after each one.  It was nice to make the time to do something that I felt was of benefit for myself when very busy at work and tired with the pregnancy. I always felt glad I'd made the effort to attend and it was nice to chat with Sarah and the other ladies about pregnancy/labour/motherhood. I didn't get too many aches and pains during pregnancy and I like to think that keeping active helped with this.  The breathing techniques that we used in the sessions also helped me in the early stages of labour.
I started Pilates after baby number 2.  I wanted to get my abdominals back and reduce my back pain but I wanted a long term Pilates class, not just a postnatal one.  Having a class that doesn't clash with bedtime was great!  I also think that Sarah is an excellent teacher. Since starting her class I have less back pain, have improved my postural awareness and core strength. My stomach muscles have also come back together,
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I decided to try and get active during my pregnancy to help me throughout and to prevent excess weight gain.  Prior to this I had only been to a gym a couple of times but I found the environment intimidating and never went again. I loved coming to Pregnancy Pilates.  The environment was very relaxed and non-competitive.  Sarah always gave good advice and information during class.  And I really felt the class helped me with my back pain. The class was also a good way to not feel alone during pregnancy.  It was great to listen to other ladies and their issues and to hear how they were getting along. I definitely felt more confident in myself and felt empowered that I was doing something productive rather than taking the easy option and sitting about!
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I have tried to stay reasonably active, although this dropped off markedly once children arrived.  But because of this I liked the fact these classes were still exercise and involved a bit of a workout!  It was important to me to maintain fitness as well as to help with the specific aches and pains from pregnancy.  There was a good balance of exercise, chatting about pregnancy and birth (from the group) and tips (from Sarah) to improve posture etc. during pregnancy. I noticed the difference when I missed a class!  I'm sure I maintained a healthy level of activity via the class and also avoided getting any back pain, pelvic pain etc. which I'm sure was down to the class!
Karen H
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Before getting pregnant I enjoyed exercising regularly.  When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to continue to exercises but was worried about "damaging" my baby.  So I wanted to find a specialised pregnancy class so I knew I would be in safe hands.  I was also terrified about birth and labour so thought anything that may help with this would be worth a try! I found Sarah was very skilled in her field and felt confident she was teaching the correct techniques.  The classes were small so you got individual attention.  I liked the relaxation part as never had time to do this at home!  Throughout the sessions I felt more confident that I had given my body a good chance of coping in labour.  It was also nice to chat to other pregnant ladies. I had a good pregnancy with no aches or pains and I'm sure the class will have helped with this.  I also felt more relaxed and slept better after classes.  I would recommend the classes to other pregnant ladies and will be looking into Sarah's postnatal classes once I've got more sorted with my new arrival!
Nicola H
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I have always kept relatively fit and healthy, attending zumba and joining a gym.  However when we moved house it gradually tapered off and eventually stopped altogether.  Time just seemed to disappear. My friend found these classes and asked if I wanted to go with her.  I wanted to prevent any injury during pregnancy and aid recovery after labour - as the class focuses on these key areas it looked perfect. The classes were relaxed and friendly.  I felt that I could ask questions and get advice if I had any problem areas and was shown how to adapt the exercises to help.  The relaxation was great, I could zone out and focus on me and baby.  I felt more relaxed throughout the pregnancy and more confident about my labour.

Several years ago whilst having a mid-life crisis, I came upon Sarah and Pilates.  The mental stress I was experiencing was showing in my physical appearance - hunched shoulders, headaches, sleepless nights. Listening to Sarah, performing the exercises combined with the breathing techniques I found I had no time to think about my problems, giving me some respite for a short time. Gradually, after a few sessions, my shoulders relaxed, the headaches subsided and I began to get a good night sleep. At each session I learn something new and feel a sense of satisfaction when I have achieved the correct posture. I am fiercely independent and vain - I want to remain mobile, supple and walk with my head high in my more mature years. With Sarah's enthusiasm for her subject, knowledge and tuition I am achieving this. She is truly professional, approachable, friendly and with a good sense of humour.  With great listening skills and a non-judgemental attitude she gives individual attention to clients when needed but doesn't allow "old hands" to develop bad habits.  She participates in all exercises, devising alternative positions for the less able.  Her lessons are interesting, creative and as she is now in her 10th year she must be doing something right and I am so glad I found Pilates!
Low Impact Aerobics and Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits
Sarah's classes were recommended to me by friends four years ago and I have been coming ever since.  I started with just aerobics but I now attend three times a week! I love the varied workouts - no two classes are the same - and that Sarah's classes are suitable for all. I feel fitter than I have for a long time.  This year on holiday in the Lake District I was able to walk for miles for the first time in many years.
Karen Lever
Pilates and Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits
Seven years ago my friend told me she was going to Sarah's Pilates class and how good it was.  I went along with her to my first Pilates class and have never looked back since. I attend three classes a week - Bums, Tums & Wobbly Bits and Pilates.  I wouldn't like to pick which one I enjoy the most as I love them both.  Everybody is very friendly.  We are all shapes, sizes and ages but are brought together by the classes Sarah provides. Attending Sarah's class is not a chore but something I love doing and really do feel the benefits and not just for the exercises - she makes everyone feel important and when I come home after my classes I always feel brilliant.  When it is dark nights or cold and you get in from work you think shall I go...  then I remember how much better I feel after doing the exercise, doing something for me for a few hours and catching up with the girls.  Definitely gives you that feel good factor. So lastly...  keep up the great work Sarah...  and congratulations on 10 years!
Nicola H
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I'm not a fan of the gym and had been going to a zumba class.  When I got pregnant I wanted to find something to help me keep fit but low impact. I decided to go to the Pregnancy Pilates class as I thought it would help with some backache I was experiencing.  The location and the time were handy for me.  I also thought the class would be a good way to relax.  The classes were really enjoyable and very accessible for someone who was new to Pilates.  Sarah also tailors the class to help with any problems you might be experiencing.  The relaxation part of the class was really good.  It definitely helped me sleep better at night. The classes helped a lot with my backache.  Also the breathing technique helped me stay calm and focussed during labour.
Emma M
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Attending Sarah's class allowed me some 'me time'.  I was diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain quite early on in my pregnancy and towards the end was very restricted to what I could do.  Sarah's class allowed me to continue gentle exercise which made me feel better in myself and if there was anything unsuitable for me, Sarah offered alternative options. It was good to exercise with other pregnant ladies and share experiences and Sarah is very informative too.  I would definitely recommend Sarah's class.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation

I felt that being able to exercise and keep fit during pregnancy was really important in preparing my body for labour.  I also learnt a lot about getting the body into the right position for birth, which I didn't know beforehand.  The bit I enjoyed the most was going to each session and seeing the same ladies and our bumps growing together.  The classes had a really friendly atmosphere and I could work at my own pace. Coming to classes made a difference to me as I felt it helped me prepare for labour and birth.  Sarah is a brilliant instructor and has so much personal and professional experience.  I felt I could ask Sarah anything.  She also gave me home exercises to do which benefitted me during labour.  I would definitely recommend Sarah's classes and I would do them again if I have another baby!

Postnatal Pilates
I did triathlons and Pilates pre-pregnancy.  I am a physiotherapist so exercise is a very important part of my life. Sarah's classes are always welcoming and well taught.  The atmosphere is relaxed and baby friendly and it's a great way to meet people. Sarah's classes always get rid of the aches and pains of motherhood and replace them with a good exercise related ache.  I would highly recommend them!
Rachel B
Mums, Tums and Buggies
I've always enjoyed exercise in some form or another.  When I had Francis I was keen to keep fit but thought my options would be quite limited. I initially took up the buggy class with Sarah as it was a chance to take part in an exercise class that you could take your baby along to.  It was also an ideal way to train outside in the fresh air.  What I enjoyed most was the chance to socialise with other mums and their babies. Sarah always made everyone in the class feel welcome and there was always a friendly atmosphere within the class.  Sarah made the classes really fun and motivational... even in the cold weather! Francis really loved the classes too - he loved being outdoors and taking in the scenery and the occasional giggle at mummy looking a bit silly!  It was definitely one of my favourite classes I did on maternity leave. Being able to talk to Sarah and the other mums in the class about similar experiences and feelings about their fitness and postnatal body concerns was reassuring.  This, along with Sarah's encouragement, definitely helped me to feel better about myself.
Emma R
Postnatal Pilates
I always enjoyed doing classes and wanted to do a class that fitted in with my baby and my other children. The Pilates class really made me think about how to look after my body after having children and also not to be so hard on myself.  It was very relaxed and a good chance to meet other mums and have a natter after the class too.  It was good to have no pressure with feeding etc. during classes. I now think a lot more about my posture and Sarah has also taught me how to get out of bed safely and the correct way to sit.
Mums, Tums and Buggies
I've always attended fitness classes and tried to keep myself healthy but like a lot of women this got less and less during pregnancy. Once my son was born and I'd had my six week check I decided that I needed to take the plunge and begin exercising again. Having had a c-section I was a little apprehensive but I needn't have been. Sarah made me feel very welcome and the classes were great and exercises modified to suit if necessary and made even better by not having to worry about finding childcare! I attended Mums, Tums and Buggies and Postnatal Pilates every week until I had to return to work. I soon noticed my strength and fitness start to return and was starting to feel better week by week. I loved the fact that the classes were very casual and you could stop and see to your baby when you needed to and Sarah would always be willing to lend a hand rocking the pram so you could carry on. I also always looked forward to a cup of tea and a chat at the end of each class! I would most definitely recommend Sarah's classes to anyone and will definitely be returning with baby number two!
Mums, Tums and Buggies
I thought exercise was important (I still do, I just don't have time now I'm back at work) and before I got pregnant I used to swim or gym five mornings a week before work.  Never classes though - I'd tried a few over the years and not really enjoyed them.  I thought it was more important to have professionally guided exercise after childbirth, though, to get back in shape and prevent me from doing myself any harm! Mums, Tums and Buggies was fun, good for me and in a convenient location!  I may have moaned constantly about the exercises but I really enjoyed the company of Sarah and the other mums, with their babies at different ages.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, have a good chat and do something healthy at the same time! The classes helped me to get back into shape and that makes a difference (psychologically as well as physically) when you feel fat and saggy after having a baby.
Mums, Tums and Buggies
I've always enjoyed fitness and have tried to keep reasonably fit by doing different exercises/sport because I believe it is important and gives you a good feeling too. I love being outdoors anyway so exercising in the park was perfect rather than in the gym, I was able to get fresh air for both baby and me. The exercises in Mums, Tums and Buggies were a good mixture of toning and cardio for the postnatal body.  The pelvic floor exercises were useful to learn as I had no idea how to exercise this apart from the squeeze!  Each class had lots of variety day to day and novel ways of making the class interesting so I got a brain workout too! Sarah was very knowledgeable about postnatal fitness and I felt I could trust her in the exercises we did.  She also achieved a nice balance of really motivating new mums but not overdoing it. I loved socialising with the other mums in the relaxed informal atmosphere Sarah created.  And I appreciated the additional social activities she organised.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I've always known exercise is good for you both mentally and physically and I wanted to do more! I enjoy going to Sarah's classes because they are relaxed and friendly and she really knows her stuff!  And it was nice to know the gentle exercises were benefitting me and my baby. I felt more relaxed and flexible after attending the classes and they gave me a sense of achievement and well-being.
Sarah Marsden
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I've never really been interested in exercise before I was pregnant, I'm a bit of an indoor girl who would rather sit with a book than get sweaty. I felt that I should do some exercise whilst pregnant and Pilates appealed to me because it seemed peaceful and low impact.  I really enjoyed the classes because I felt that I was doing some good for myself and baby. I liked how I felt during and after the classes and think they helped me unwind and feel confident and happy about being pregnant.  I was worried I would find an exercise group intimidating because I'm not a fitness fanatic, but I like how Sarah is really down to earth and shares her own experience of being a mum. I think I've changed my attitude to exercise as I've seen it's for normal women and I will definitely do one of Sarah's postnatal classes and keep exercising in the future.
Postnatal Pilates
Although pre-pregnancy I realised exercise was good for you, I never managed to find the time or motivation to do it!  It didn't rate highly on my priority list! I have continued training with Sarah because ultimately I enjoy it!  I think it's beneficial health-wise and Sarah is very knowledgeable about post pregnancy and baby topics!  She also makes a great coffee, not to mention the extra healthy treats!  And I seem to have kept the baby weight at bay!  
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Before I started Pilates I had been too tired to exercise in my pregnancy but I felt I needed to do something.  The class suited me time-wise and I felt really welcomed when I turned up.  The pace was great for me - not too difficult as a Pilates beginner.  Later in pregnancy I started to get pelvic pain - Pilates really helped me keep mobile and Sarah adapted the exercises for me.  I enjoyed the relaxation time and felt I was getting time for myself.  I think it's made exercise less intimidating now I've had my baby too!
Postnatal Pilates
If I could describe Sarah's postnatal Pilates in three words I would say relaxing, effective and fabulous.  I was looking for a class that would work on my mummy tummy but be less intense than buggyfit.  I wanted a gentle class which would help me tone up and this was pefect.  I have gone from having quite a wobbly midsection to having a flattish tummy with my 'duo abs' - not quite  a six-pack but you can see there are two sets of abs there now!  I believe it has helped me loose some weight too as it has got me back into a healthier lifestyle.  The exercises are tailored for mew mums and really focus on tummies, legs, strengthening your core and working your pelvic floor.  You can take your babies and Sarah will rock them if they get unsettled and so you can actually get some exercise done without worrying.  In essence it is a brilliant class to help you get your body toned, mind relaxed and meet some nice mummies too.
Postnatal Pilates
Sarah's Pilates class has helped me to exercise during the day without having to arrange childcare as baby can come and Sarah even helps to entertain them. I wanted to try Pilates as I suffer with joint and back pain.  The classes have helped me to improve my posture, balance and muscle strength. One thing I liked was the clear instructions given during the class.  I have always found the breathing patterns during Pilates difficult but Sarah explained the reasoning and reminds regularly. The atmosphere of the class is very relaxed and friendly.  Sarah really understands what your post pregnancy body can do and helps to work on your weaknesses. I would highly recommend this and Sarah's buggyfit classes.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I think it's really important to stay fit throughout pregnancy.  I feel it really helped with my labours for both of my children. I've never done any type of Pilates before joining Sarah's class and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.  She made me feel so welcome.  It was so nice to spend an hour relaxing and concentrating on my baby (bump!). I definitely felt much more relaxed after each class.  With the stresses of work etc it's lovely to have an hour focussing on relaxation for my baby. I'm really glad I joined Sarah's classes even if it was only for a short while! Thank you!
Nicola D
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
When I became pregnant I knew it was important to keep active but didn't know how to go about it.  Before getting pregnant, exercise for me was cycling to work and doing high impact stuff I simply couldn't continue once I was three months in.  I'd never tried Pilates before and if I'm honest was a bit sceptical about whether it would help me.  It definitely did though.  I'm sure it helped keep the pregnancy aches and pains away because when I was late at work and couldn't make Sarah's class, the aches and pains came back.  It also gave me a bit more confidence going into labour knowing that I had done some preparation to help me through. I found the atmosphere at the classes really nice and friendly.  As a first time mum coming to this relatively late in life it was really nice to meet and talk to other mums.  Sarah was really knowledgeable and taught me a lot about what to expect and how best to look after my growing belly and the baby. Sarah's work doesn't stop when you finish the class and go home though.  She also organizes reunion lunches so that mums can keep in touch - something she doesn't have to do but which I know is very much appreciated by all the mums. Sarah is a fantastic instructor who always gives 110%  All pregnant women should have a Sarah Parker.  She's brilliant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her classes to others.
Rachel H
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Before I started Sarah's classes I wasn't very big on exercise or keeping fit.  I occasionally did a fitness DVD at home but hadn't been to a class for years. During my first pregnancy I had suffered a lot with my back so I was keen to do everything I could to avoid the same problem again.  Once I started the classes I didn't want to stop!  I loved the social aspect of it and also found it to be a lovely way to bond with my bump.  I also loved the fact that Sarah is a mum and have really enjoyed sharing stories of motherhood, pregnancy and labour with her and the other ladies in the group. After a couple of weeks of attending the classes I felt much more aware of my posture and how my growing bump was affecting the way I held myself.  I felt inspired to look after myself in a way I hadn't done before and loved sharing the experience with the other members of the group, some of whom I now attend Postnatal Pilates with.  Thanks for everything Sarah!
Pregnancy Pilates
Before Sarah's classes I thought exercise and staying fit was all about sweating in a cardio session and toning using weights.  I thought if I hadn't sweated then I hadn't done anything worthwhile. However Pregnancy Pilates helped me prepare for the birth both in the exercises Sarah taught and the experiences that she has been through as a mother.  It also helped meeting other first time mums and those that had already had children.  I found the relaxation part of the class certainly helped as I was not getting much sleep at night and this was genuinely the most relaxation I had during my pregnancy!!! Since coming to the class and continuing with Postnatal Pilates I have become aware of my pelvic floor which despite years of exercise had never been taught anything about before.  I am much more aware when engaging it now and this helped particularly when getting up and about after having my c-section.

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Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Excellent classes tailored to suit your needs.  Also Sarah encourages a good social vibe which is especially helpful for new mums 🙂
Aerobics, Bums, Tums and Wobbly Bits
Brilliant classes!  All ages are made to feel welcome and instructor is fab!
Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates
I have absolutely loved Sarah's pregnancy and postnatal Pilates classes!  I have found both to be a lovely way to exercise, bond with baby and make new friends.  Sarah is a great instructor and very easy to relate to and I can't recommend her classes highly enough!
Postnatal Pilates
I can't recommend Sarah's classes enough.  I started by going to Postnatal Pilates with my daughter and we both love it.  Sarah really puts you at ease and the workouts are fun and effective.  I always come away from the classes feeling lifted and energised and can feel myself toning up.  When I have childcare I go to Pilates and Bums and Tums and I love them too.  A must try for any mums who want to get fit in a friendly atmosphere and not break the bank whilst doing so!
Michelle F
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Loved buggy fitness in the park this morning.  As always!... Sarah knows her stuff!!  Really informative with what you can and can't do post pregnancy.  A great outdoor workout!
Nice friendly classes.  Started with Pilates to strengthen core - stomach muscles separated during last pregnancy and remained so for 13 years.  Six months of Pilates with Sarah and they're back together!  Amazing!  Bums and tums has strengthened legs and upper body.  Highly recommended.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
Love these Pilates classes on Tuesday and Thursday!  Fun, advice, workout - all you need 🙂
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Back in my size eight jeans and some size eight clothes too big for me.  Don't want to brag but really didn't think it would happen after giving birth in February.  Thank you to Sarah for the brilliant classes and motivation and to the lovely ladies for the chats, de-stressing and general mum moaning!  Will miss you all come January! x
Rachel C
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Really enjoyed buggyfit in Vernon Park today.  A great class taught by a great instructor who can relate to childbirth and pregnancy issues and specify her classes to those needs.  Thoroughly recommended.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I did pregnancy Pilates when pregnant with my second child.  I found the class very enjoyable.  It helped greatly during my labour, the breathing exercises and relaxation technique made me feel a lot more in control during my labour.  I met a lovely group of ladies that I have become friends with and now meet up with our children.  I also attend a buggyfit and postnatal Pilates class which are both fantastic, it make getting in shape enjoyable and I don't have to leave my little boy at such a young age.  I would say that Sarah's classes are well worth giving them a go, it is a lovely environment and a great place to meet new people.  Thank you Sarah xx
Emma O
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I attended Sarah's pregnancy Pilates class all the way through my third pregnancy.  I had much less pelvic pain this pregnancy and attribute that to the class.  Not only did the class help to strengthen my muscles, it also helped me to improve my movements outside the class.  I also now know a lovely group of women with babies the same age as mine.  I wish I had been able to go to this class for my previous pregnancies.
Pregnancy Pilates Relaxation
I've been attending Sarah's pregnancy Pilates since ten weeks and find it a nice gentle but effective exercise whilst pregnant.  Sarah is very helpful in ensuring you are doing the moves correctly so as not to cause harm to you or the baby.  All the other girls are lovely too.
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Just wanted to say thanks for making exercise enjoyable and I really loved the classes.  I'll be recommending to future mums 🙂
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Sarah's Buggyfit classes are great.  Me and my little boy have been going for the last six months or so and I've found it a great way to keep fit and meet other mums.  I'd definitely recommend Sarah and her classes to any new mum.
Michelle B
Mums, Tums and Buggies
Have just done the Mums, Tums and Buggies in Vernon Park and loved it, a walk in the park it is not!  Tough enough to know you've done a good workout and outside so double endorphin rush.  Sarah is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and corrects technique when needed.  Can't wait to go again!
Lucy W
Bums, Tums and Wobbly Bits
Great atmosphere, makes exercise fun 🙂
Bums, Tums and Wobbly Bits
Absolutely fabulous classes, Sarah is a great instructor xx
Bums, Tums and Wobbly Bits
Really beneficial and manageable exercises.  Doable but challenging at the same time.  Sarah is very encouraging without being a sergeant major 🙂